Johan F. Aasen AS



Over the past 30 years I have assisted many companies in their process of getting a clear long term strategy as well as guiding them through their internationalization process.

Experience is a profitable resource.

Among the many companies that have been involved in the Match Making Program (Vietnam and India) I would like to mention:

  • Anda-Olsen AS                         
  • Stokke AS                                 
  • Skan-El AS                               
  • Maritime Montering AS              
  • Rolls Royce Marine AS               
  • Sea Technology AS

As a professional Chairman I have also been heavily involved in many companies' internationalization process as well general long term strategy. 

  • Furniture:                          Brunstad AS          
  • Mechanical:                       West Mekan AS      
  • Bus manufacturing:            Vest Buss AS          
  • Car sales:                          Vestlandske Auto AS
  • Trading:                            Handelskompaniet AS
  • Advertising:                       InMedia AS            
  • Machine manufact.             Pla-Ma Trading Ltd.
  • Printing:                            GP Stratum AS        


I treat each customer with the confidentiality and serious approach that every company deserves.