Johan F. Aasen AS

Professional background


After having completed my Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering (with Honor) at Michigan Technological University, Michigan, USA, I have taken several advanced courses within Finance and Management.    

Throughout the past decades I have been the Man. Director of several manufacturing companies, all related to advanced machinery and international business. 

Today I act as a professional chairman for 10 different companies.    

My practical background from running international manufacturing companies combined with the experience as a professional chairman within a range of industries, has given me a unique ballast.

During the past 30 years I have had international trade as my working place.  Knowing how to meet customers/partners on their own premises and to have sufficient time to understand their culture and history can make the difference between success and failure.

My own international experience is in essence world wide, but I would like to highlight the following:

  • India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.  India, the world's largest market the next 20 years with more than 20 million millionaires and 300 million potential customers.  India and the surrounding countries represent an area of huge opportunity, but underestimating the cultural differences may give unforeseen problems.                                                  In India I have been through all stages related to starting a manufacturing plant; market research, product design studies, negotiations with possible customers, financing, making own Ltd. company, buying land/building, buying and installing machines and equipment, hiring management and workers, manufacturing as well as sales and marketing.
  • South-East Asia, focusing on Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines.  These countries have been in the shadow of China, but not the least Vietnam with its fast growing ship building industry has become a very interesting alternative the recent years.
  • The middle East, focusing on Dubai/Abu Dhabi, Bahrain and Qatar.  Today regarded as the largest building site in the world.
  • USA and Canada, markets that is easily accessible as long as one understands the "American way of thinking".  
  • Australia and New Zealand, societies built up on Europeans with many inputs from a range of other cultures.  
  • Most European countries, where the cultural difference between German and English culture is much greater than most people understand.
  • Eastern Europe, where one still will experience "the old way of thinking". 
  • South Africa, the new promising land of the south, where black empowerment is a key to continued growth.
  • North Africa, where the Arab's way of doing business often is misinterpreted.     

The difference between a good and bad contract is often not only decided upon the product's quality and properties.  The best contracts are achieved when one is able to understand the other party's weak and strong human sides, so that trust can be built up through a long term strategy.