Johan F. Aasen AS

Business Match Making Program


The Business Match Making Program (BMMP) is funded by Norad and organised through Innovation Norway. 

Through the program you will not only get financial grants when travelling to the respective country, you will also get valuable assistance from Innovation Norway's local office to find companies of interest.

Johan F. Aasen AS has many years experience within MatchMaking and will guide and assist all companies wanting to check if they are eligible for the program.

Contact me and I will,

without any obligation from your part,

inform you of the program.  

The objective of BMMP is to establish sustainable and profitable business ventures between Norwegian companies and companies in the respective countries. This is achieved through the development of business partnerships which foster transfer of technology and the exchange of management and business-skills.

Johan F. Aasen AS has been seleceted as an RKP (Regional Contact Point) for:

  • India
  • Vietnam

The BMMP has primarily a focus on small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs).  However, larger Norwegian companies can also apply for participation as long as they comply with and fulfill the program’s objectives. 


Relevant forms of cooperation in BMMP:
1) Joint Venture
2) Establishing a Fully Foreign Owned Company
3) Project based cooperation (long-term or large projects)
4) Establishing a Distribution- or Service Office
5) Outsourcing or Licensing Cooperation
6) Trade


Relevant Business Sectors:
As in previous programs, the BMMP is open for all sectors. However, one want to focus on sectors where Norway has strong competence and knowledge such as maritime, marine, oil and gas, renewable energy, information and communication technologies (ICT), environmental technology and trade.