Johan F. Aasen AS




Having worked 20 years on the Indian market, I can assist you in avoiding the main problems caused by cultural differences, getting across the obvious hurdles, avoiding most of the pit-falls and not the least through all my business contacts,

I can assist you in moving forward.  

Many people tend to look at the poverty in India and forget that:

  • There are 20-30 million millionaires
  • There are 150-200 million people with great buying power
  • There are an additional 150-200 million people with some buying power
  • There is a huge modern industry manufacturing high quality products

When comparing with China, India has one very important advantage:

In India English is the official business language!

But India, being the world’s largest democracy, has so much more to offer than just people with money:

  • A huge work force of highly skilled people
  • Management with education and international experience
  • Engineers with University degrees
  • Skilled workers with experience
  • Companies with modern manufacturing equipment
  • 6-8 % yearly growth
  • 4-6 % yearly inflation
  • A country welcoming foreign investment
  • And of course, a country offering low cost labour

 So if you plan to:

  • Sell your products - India is the place
  • Buy high quality products at a low cost - India is the place
  • Find sub-suppliers for your own products - India is the place