Johan F. Aasen AS

Co-operating partners


Over the past few decades Johan F. Aasen AS has worked together with a number of companies and persons with lots of experience in their own fields. 

It is a vital part of my company's strategy to build up a team of persons and companies, who can become an asset in any large or small project.  

Having spent close to 20 years on the Indian market I have not only built up a vast experience along with a general network of contacts, I have also made a formal co-operation with Raj Sharma.  Together we assist Norwegian as well as international companies, who want to enter into the huge Indian market (buying, selling, manufacturing etc.).  ==> See "India".       

Raj Sharma, is an Indian born Norwegian living in Kristiansand, Norway.  Mr. Sharma and his family have not only good knowlede of Indian business; but also extremely good contacts.  Below is a picture of Raj and myself.   


Segel AS.  With its base of consultants in Nordfjordeid and Maaloy in Norway and their subsidiary in Poland, Segel has built up a team of experienced consultants with a broad international contact network.  

Sea Technology AS.  Mr. Lars Aage Eldoy is an experienced ship designer who has spent several decades within ship building and the marine industry.

Rogaland Eksportutvikling AS (REU) is a consultancy company specializing within export and internationalization, with a main focus on the Oil and Gas Industry.  The company is run by Mr. Are Selstad.

Meps AS.  This is an investment company focusing on small and large property & building projects.  As a secondary focus they participate in some industrial projects.  Meps has for the past 20 years also been involved in venture investments.  The company is run by Mr. Jan T. Ødegård.   

Martin Osleger.   Mr. Osleger, originally a Texan now living in England, has long experience within the international container industry (large shipping containers as well as smaller special containers/boxes).  Over the years he has also been involved in a range of other industries worldwide.  

Context Consult.  Mrs. Åsa Sildnes has long experience from the African continent.  She is also the RKP for the BMMP for Bangladesh.